Tuesday, December 13, 2011

...Being Finished

Another semester of school is done. It is so good to be finished with all the stress of final projects and exams. Now we have some time to get ready for the holidays! We're almost all ready, but we have just a little bit of shopping to finish this weekend. We're excited. So this is probably your last chance to tell us what you do or do not want.

Hunter had his two month appointment today! He is such a big boy. He weighs 14 lbs 5 ounces now!!! He is 25.6 inches tall, and his head is 16.1 inches around. He is growing like a champ and is so healthy. He got some of his shots today and he hated it, but he calmed right down after it. He is not a very happy camper tonight because of it. Poor little guy. Tomorrow will be better. We're proud of him.

-Daniel and Talysa

Monday, December 5, 2011

...Being Stressed Over Everything

This is the busiest time of year. Between working full time, school, family, and church there is so much to do. I've been stressing over my final prject for my MIDI class, whilst inadvertently ignoring a paper I have to write and a final or two I have to study for. There will be much cramming this week. Talysa hasn't had it much easier. Hunter has been a handful and has been determined to keep us up a couple nights this week. Somehow Talysa manages to not only take care of Hunter, but she keeps the apartment organized and keeps me sane and fed. She is a miracle worker and I'm glad I have her.
Hunter was blessed yesterday! He is now officially on the church records! Woo. It was awesome to have so many family members and friends come out for it. He is an amazing little guy and it still baffles and amazes me that I am sealed to him and Talysa for eternity. How awesome is the gospel?
We took a break from the stress of everything to stress about Christmas. People are hard to shop for. It's hard to buy someone a present and keep it genuine. But it's very good to check some people off the list. If you get something you don't like from us, we promise we tried to think of what you would like. Maybe we don't know you well enough. Deal with it. In case you are going through the same worries trying to think of what we want, we prepared this list:
For Talysa:
     -One whole night of continuous rest.
     -Clean dishes and carpet.
For Daniel:
     -Someone to pose as him to take a history final.
     -Chelsea beating Valencia tomorrow, and thus qualifying for the group stage of the Champion's League.
For Hunter:
     -A bottle of milk.
     -Christmas lights to stare at.
Maybe someday we'll post a reall list. But honestly, I wouldn't count on it. At any rate, happy holidays!

-Daniel and Talysa