Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hunter has teeth! After a couple crazy fussy days and fussy nights, two teeth sprouted in the middle of Hunter's bottom gums. Now it hurts even more when he bites my shoulder. I think the teeth in the middle of his upper gums are getting pretty close too. How long does it take for a tooth to sprout all the way up? How big do they get? When do his back teeth come in? Dan and I were a little unprepared for this. We knew he was teething, but his so gosh darn cute gummy grin is our favorite, and we're rather hesitant to let it go. However, we recently discovered that Hunter isn't just gorgeous, he's also incredibly photogenic, so we're busy taking as many pictures as we can before he grows up too much. :)

Also, Hunter is learning how to sit up on his own! Sometimes he can do it, but most of the time he still needs a little help balancing. He's getting so good at it! We recently bought him a bouncer, and I think it has really helped. Hopefully he won't hate his big, uncomfortable high chair as much when he can sit up in it on his own. He definitely likes the stroller more when he's sitting upright, facing forward, rather than lying back, facing us.

Right now, Hunter is just playing in his bouncer and watching Danny play guitar. The guitar calms him down more than just about anything, even laughing at himself in the mirror, which he does every day. Danny recently learned all the lyrics to what I call the Whale Song (To the Dogs or Whoever, by Josh Ritter), which is Hunter's favorite, so whenever Dan plays it, Hunter dances and sings along, like he is now. It's so awesome. I love our cute little family. The mornings that Dan is home are definitely the best--Sundays we just lie in bed and play with the baby for as long as we can. When we can, we take a morning walk together as a family, but today it was too cold and rainy.

Well, now it's time to clean and start getting ready for Church!